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Illustration and Icon Design


Shroomhunt is a geocache game in Saint Louis that I worked on during a game jam at Simutronics. I mainly worked on pixel art of mushrooms and the forests and swamps they grow in. 

Character Design and Paint

Harold and Hati: The Boy Who Cried Werewolf

Concept work for a resource management horror game that I worked on for the Spark under the mentorship and art direction of Sarah Marino. My werewolf plays volleyball.

Sprite Design and Animation


Elementail is a unity version of snake involving a magician's rabbit escaping during an act with real magic. The gameplay is similar to snake, but with many more carrots.

Map Design and Illustration

TTRPG Map Making

I create Hex-maps, Battle-maps, and Illustrated maps for custom TTRPG campaigns. My favorite part is making a version with all of the deadly traps.

Card and Icon Illustration


Gamestormers is a colorful board game about making games. Using fantasy, sci fi, steampunk, and pirates, players build a fantastical story. You know the game is good when it has dragon pirates.

Character Design and Paint

Dragons of Missouri

This is a personal project to create sea serpents and dragons native to Missouri. The Missouri river is so opaque, they might as well be dwelling in the deeps. 

Plein Air Painting

Watercolor Landscapes

I paint local landscapes for juried art shows and plein air competitions in Saint Louis. This isn't technically a game project, unless you consider life to be one big, buggy MMORPG.