I'm a freelance fantasy illustrator working out of Saint Louis. I graduated from Washington University in Saint Louis with a B.D. in Architecture, so in addition to digital painting, I can build to-scale models, create technical drawings in AutoCad and Rhino, and can work on site to install physical installations. I have previously worked as an illustrator and designer at Stuckenschneider Decoration and Design, interned at KRJ Architects, and I have worked for Washington University in Saint Louis as a furniture builder, studio preparation assistant, and a cataloger for architectural pieces from the 1904 World's Fair. At game jams I have collaborated with other wonderful local artists on animation cycles, UI design, and sets of card illustrations. When I'm not doodling dragons, I rock climb, volunteer at a House Rabbit Society, and read Warhammer 40k novels. Feel free to contact me at Victoria@balbes.com to see more illustration work.