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Concept image for a robot alarm dog that can play Tetris.

Paul and Zeus

Concept image for a two headed cowboy complete with mechanical bull and throwing tasers.

Hati Painting Close Up
Hati and Harold

The best two Hati and Harold designs with color edits so that they work well together.

Varsity Werewolf Hati
Elementail Gameplay

Over a three day weekend for the 2016 Global Game Jam, I was the artist that worked on Elementail, a snake-like game about a wizard's familiar trying to escape Hatspace. I designed the colors under the "four colors" creative constraint and made the sprite sheets for the rabbit, the ritual objects, and the obstacles. Elementail can be played for free by following the link below.

Detail of Mask
Harold's Mask
Lamppost Design

The lamppost on the arcade street had to be rigid like the rest of the world, but older, warped, as if the lamp was lovingly made but forgotten for years.

arcade machines
Monster Stack Cards

I painted and designed these cards for a game collaboration still currently in development. The shape around the monsters serves as a shield and a head mount during different parts of gameplay.

Adventure Tiles

These player icons, maps, and dungeon tiles were designed to play a game of Dungeons and Dragons over the internet on a site called The dungeon master wanted the icons to feel simple and consistent.

Flower Icons

Four developed icons of corrupted plants for the undead druids. The icons had to feel like a set, different enough to be unique, and readable at several scales.

deadwood 1
Outskirt Woods

A layout of the icons and the characters for the undead druid sidescrolling game.

Rain Garden

An architectural illustration of an urban rain garden project.

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